STEAM TORPEDO - Build your submarine... Rule the seas!
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Steam Torpedo first edition, called "First contact", includes:

Players can mix compartment tiles freeely to build custom made submarines and expriment new strategies and devastating combos.


rule-book cardboard submarine figure compartment tiles

1 rule-book

2 cardboard figures and their plastic stand
(1 per player)

20 (different) "compartment" tiles
(10 per class of submarine)

pions capitaine et marins pions dégât et pions oxygène

10 "crew" tokens
(1 "Captain" token and
4 "sailor" token per player)

50 reversible tokens "damage"/"oxygen"

STEAM TORPEDO - Build your submarine. Rule the seas!

Original design: Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter
Artwork: Ludovic Roudy

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